Statistics say over 95% of women donʼt see themselves as beautiful. Dove 2015 #ChooseBeautiful Campaign

A staggering number of women today are lonely and depressed, have a poor body image, eating disorders, or low self-esteem. I too, am one of these statistics and find myself feeling insecure and comparing the real me to some imagined version of how I am supposed to look and feel. The pressure to be perfect and accomplished and slim fit—all with a smile—is exhausting and not the way it is supposed to be. It robs us of the very thing we have possessed all along- true and lasting beauty and value and purpose, regardless of what we see in the mirror. What if every woman and girl looked in the mirror and felt confident in who she was made to be? What if she didn’t feel she had to prove herself or her value? What if she walked into a room and felt beautiful and didn’t feel like she had to strive to be more? What if she really believed what God said about her?

UNITED + TRU began as a movement to reach all women and girls—from preteens and teens to married and divorced, singles and moms—we believe it’s time to redefine beauty. We want to help women discover the way we are supposed to see ourselves and talk together about the issues and pressures we face.

We hope you will join us for our annual spectacular Fashion Show event featuring everyday role models on the runway in our community, inspiring speakers, local vendor shopping, and prize giveaways. With the purchase of your ticket you also participate in giving back to women around the globe caught in human trafficking. We believe this movement is setting more women free. So be on the lookout and get ready to grab your seat for the next powerful night of fun and fashion together. We can’t wait to see you there—bring a friend! You won’t want to miss this.

Our Core

We believe no two women are alike on purpose. We honor uniqueness and believe nothing compares to the internal beauty and purpose of each woman and girl.

We believe we are better together. Our goal is to foster a welcoming and caring environment to women of all ages locally and around the world.

Meet the team

Sandra Coates

Sandra Coates

Founder / CEO

Tyla Jones

Social Media Manager

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