Runway, runway, how long has it been?

Perhaps 15 years? More?

Pose, walk, pause, walk, pose… Lean back into your hips, don’t swing your arms… showcase the clothes. Own it.

How curious I found it to be asked to return to the runway! What a random, chance request! Practicing standing in the mirror in my heels and pajama pants made me remember the girl I was before. Free-spirited but afraid of the darkness of the world, of experiences she would never be able to talk about. She was a lovely bird in an iron cage of guilt and fear. Oh, but she survived. And pushed through incredible pain. And continued to love people, even when it was hard. She became me. I posed. And it felt strong. This time, I was able to stand with and for women who had been girls like me and girls who will grow to be stronger than I ever will! This time I didn’t just walk down the runway. Finally uncaged, I believe I flew. Thank you, Girls UNITED+FREE!