Loneliness or rejection

You are beautiful. You always have been. Sometimes your eyes get a little dry from the constant straining of your busyness or a little too wet from crying through loneliness or rejection; a little sore from rubbing them in frustration. As a result, your eyes sometimes see the wrong thing in the mirror. They see your mistakes, or the words others have said about you – words you have repeated to yourself. They don’t see your reflection clearly anymore. They are wrong; you may need glasses. Because you are incredibly, fiercely, amazingly beautiful. Every feature, a masterpiece that is your own. Don’t get me started on that light behind your eyes… Wake up, sweetie! Me telling you that you are beautiful didn’t make it true. You always were. It can’t be taken away. Once you realize and hold to this truth, you will be free.

Trey Campbell Trey Campbell