Fashion Show Highlights

Sandra Coates 2020 Fashion Show

January 24, 2020- OH WHAT A NIGHT IT WAS!!!!

Thank you for joining us for the 1st Annual Fashion Show extravaganza. What a powerful night we had together- all 300 of us! For those who couldn’t be there in person we felt your presence there from all over. Because of YOU, beauty was there. Because of YOU, the movement was ignited to unite every woman and set them free to be uniquely and wonderful her. Because of YOU an amazing movement began!!!

UNITED + TRU is a new movement for all women; from preteens and teens to career women, SAHM’s and seniors to stand together as one body celebrating their God- given beauty and freedom. We want every woman to know her worth and beauty that has always been within her. With all the pressures today of perfection, comparison and social media we know women need a place to find encouragement and stand empowered together. Our platform is thru social media, our active website and our annual Fashion Show event gathering featuring diverse everyday women and girls as our models on the runway using local designers, empowering speakers and partnering with others to make a difference for women around the world. This past year we featured Dressology, Hang-Ups Boutique, The Teal Eagle, LETWA Fashion Collection and Trades of Hope designs to empower women out of poverty. We also donated a portion of our ticket and sponsorship proceeds to help victims in human trafficking thru A21CoastalVa and the 2020 Walk for FREEDOM.

We can’t wait to see you in Fall 2021 for an even bigger show!

Check out our amazing video by Luna Media and our photo gallery from Fabtology. We want to see your beautiful pictures from the event so tag us at unitedandtru. If you missed it don’t worry, we’re planning for more!

For now subscribe to our YouTube Channel, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and keep posting your inspiring testimonies of how God is moving in you.  Together we hope each of you stand confident that there is absolutely no one like you with your brand of beauty and talent.