To all of us women in search of adventure…we got this! If you’re anything like me, I’m sure
there’s been a time in your life that you had a craving for more. More what, you may ask? More
adventure, more spontaneity, more road trips, more beach walks, more of all of life’s, “good
stuff”. It wasn’t until I was settled in life, finished with my Masters in Counseling, and a
newlywed- happily married in a world of romance, that I began to have this feeling and
yearning to find my own voice, and for a sense of self to be seen. I thought I was already
keenly aware of all of my passions and well attuned with my giftings, but sometimes God has a
way of surprising us with new joys and adventures, that can set our hearts on fire for the world
in front of us.

Almost out of nowhere, I fell into a love and fierce passion for fishing and being on the water! I
began to chase after this new adventure and love of the ocean and the salty air. I felt so much
confidence being behind the wheel of my own boat, with the wind blowing in my hair, and
knowing I was the Captain of my own ship. Fishing brought something beautiful out of myself
that I would never have otherwise discovered…confidence isn’t always birthed in us, it’s
cultivated through a reckless abandonment of our comfortable lives, and through the pursuit of
adventure. Fishing helped me to cultivate my voice, and provided me with a platform to
empower women and young girls to chase boldly after their dreams. Just a couple of short years later, my passion turned me into a full time professional Angler and YouTuber.

Now looking back, I can see God’s plans from the beginning, utilizing the most unlikely women, me,to help other women grab hold of their God given talents and dreams, and to help them use heir voice so they too can bring beauty and inspiration into the world around them. I was shaking in my fishing boots when I first started out, I didn’t want to fail or disappoint anyone. I was nervous of what people might think about me, starting a career so late in life, with absolutely zero experience what so ever. The outside voices where loud, telling me that I was, “too old”, “too inexperienced”, telling me what I should be and should do, or shouldn’t do. When I finally stilled my spirit, there was another voice within, whispering a different message, one of passion, and courage. I remembered praying that God would put the super on my natural, and help me to overcome what felt insurmountable in that season, to become a professional athlete in the fishing industry and to bring glory to God’s kingdom while doing it. Through that season, I trusted God, I dreamed big, and then I watched Him do some of His best work.

Fishing might not be your cup of tea, so don’t worry if that’s not your thing! But there will be something out there that will put a spark in your soul, and when you find it, I promise you that it will be one of the best joyride you’ve ever taken! I think the coolest piece about my story isn’t that I found fishing…but it’s that I ventured into a brand new passion, and that I owned it until it became a reality. I was so proud of myself for venturing out, not allowing fear to hold me back, and for pursing something brand new, wholeheartedly.

Whether you are chasing a new hobby, a passionate career, or something in-between, don’t be afraid to try everything and anything. I want the same for you, to feel the wind in your hair, and adventure at your fingertips. There is nothing more exhilarating than cultivating something new for yourself, and finding new joys in the midst of your own adventure- you might even surprise yourself with just how gifted you are at it. There are no limits for you my darling, if you are brave enough to dream it, you can be brave enough to venture after it.

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