The Angel of The Lord

I used to have nightly panic attacks. In the shadows, small worries became giant monsters. When I joined Jesus, He fought for me… and He taught me how to fight for myself and others. I’ve yet to master fear’s ultimate solution (fearing God)… but I’m getting closer. Because fearing God leaves no room to fear anything else.

Only fear the Lord, and serve Him in truth with all your heart; for consider what great things He has done for you.
1 Samuel 12:24 (NKJV)

Do we remove fear by casting it out? Or possibly, we’re to move beyond it, as in rising rising to a big occasion… which might earn us the title of hero. The greatest warriors choose this step. Nevertheless, fear continues its pursuit.

Even when fear seems far away from us, it slinks back to mock our feeble courage.

So what’s the ultimate solution? First consider:
Any kind of removal leaves a void, and every kind of void begs to be filled. Therein, fear creeps back when we’re not looking.

So what is fear’s ultimate solution? Certainly God. More to the point, it’s fearing Him… not men. Only fearing God can fill the dark hole in which our anxieties like to live.

The Commandment to fear the Living God orders us to a reverential awe, which is the least and the most we can do. In this amazingly productive fear, fears of lesser things loose their grip on us. That black space is filled with a brilliant light.

We’re not scared of people or bad outcomes. We’re not scared of living or losing big. We’re not scared to follow God’s calls to us…


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Carey Lewis Carey Lewis Carey Lewis is the founder of a world recognized talent development ministry, called Actors, Models & Talent for Christ (AMTC). From 1982-2018, AMTC scouted, coached and launched thousands of performers into film, fashion, music and theatre. Carey has won two Lifetime Achievement Awards for her contributions to the cause of Christ in arts and entertainment. She speaks, counsels and writes daily devotions geared to the media generation, and those called to influence it with light, love and truth. Check her out at or
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Loneliness or rejection

You are beautiful. You always have been. Sometimes your eyes get a little dry from the constant straining of your busyness or a little too wet from crying through loneliness or rejection; a little sore from rubbing them in frustration. As a result, your eyes sometimes see the wrong thing in the mirror. They see your mistakes, or the words others have said about you – words you have repeated to yourself. They don’t see your reflection clearly anymore. They are wrong; you may need glasses. Because you are incredibly, fiercely, amazingly beautiful. Every feature, a masterpiece that is your own. Don’t get me started on that light behind your eyes… Wake up, sweetie! Me telling you that you are beautiful didn’t make it true. You always were. It can’t be taken away. Once you realize and hold to this truth, you will be free.

Trey Campbell Trey Campbell
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Runway, runway, how long has it been?

Perhaps 15 years? More?

Pose, walk, pause, walk, pose… Lean back into your hips, don’t swing your arms… showcase the clothes. Own it.

How curious I found it to be asked to return to the runway! What a random, chance request! Practicing standing in the mirror in my heels and pajama pants made me remember the girl I was before. Free-spirited but afraid of the darkness of the world, of experiences she would never be able to talk about. She was a lovely bird in an iron cage of guilt and fear. Oh, but she survived. And pushed through incredible pain. And continued to love people, even when it was hard. She became me. I posed. And it felt strong. This time, I was able to stand with and for women who had been girls like me and girls who will grow to be stronger than I ever will! This time I didn’t just walk down the runway. Finally uncaged, I believe I flew. Thank you, Girls UNITED+FREE!

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To be real here, I am not the best at walking “gracefully”. So, when I was asked to be a role model for the Girls United + Free Fashion show, my first reaction was, “YES! I would love to be a part of that!” Quickly followed by my second reaction of, “why in the world did I sign up for this, I can barely walk in flats let alone heels?!?

I was nervous, even at the rehearsal for the fashion show; but when I noticed all the different ages, body shapes, and skin colors that were being represented I felt SO free. It is exactly how I imagine heaven to be! It was so exciting to be a part of a fashion show whose goal was to showcase how God created our bodies uniquely beautiful, but He gives us hearts and souls that are meant to RADIATE with His glory!

At the actual day of the event, after we all got “glammed up,” we all took hands and prayed. How powerful it was to be united with other women who wanted to showcase God’s creations! After going on the runway, honestly, all I can remember is smiling at all the people in the crowd. I will never forget this night!!!

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Debra & Zoe

I must say, when you contacted me, my yes was a faith statement! I knew God was leading you in this and knew He was ordaining it for an amazing reason!

Walking a runway, for whatever reason, was something I would never see me doing… the lies and insecurities of my childhood kept me from seeing me as God sees me.

I grew up in Illinois… all over Illinois. My father was an abusive alcoholic and not sure if he was running from or running after something.

My childhood was spent in abuse. From a small child, I remember my father falling in the door and the abuse began – emotionally, verbally and physically. I was told constantly how ugly, fat and stupid I was. That I’d never amount to anything. I believed it for many years. As I grew, my anger and hurt did as well. I tried to squash the hurt with food, and later drugs and alcohol.

I was a big girl by 13 or 14. I started fighting back to protect my mom and siblings. That’s when he threw me out. At 15, I was in the streets.

Thank God, a dear friend told a couple she babysat for about me. They took me in. I was like a live-in nanny. They were imperfect people with a heart to love. Their love eventually led me to the love of Christ.

At 19, I gave my life to Christ. For the first time in my life, I actually felt loved. It has been a journey. I married a man, whom I thought was walking with the Lord. He had addictions and mental illness that caused him to be verbally and emotionally abusive.

After the divorce, for so long, I felt like a failure, like damaged goods. The devil tried to use that to verify all the lies of my childhood. But, as I fell at my precious Savior’s feet, he began a new healing.

I moved here in 2012 to help my daughter and son in law. Hannah was in law school (her calling to help and defend abused kids). Abe was working at the university and they had precious Zoe. I don’t regret moving here from Louisiana. It has been an amazing journey. God has done amazing healings in mine and my family’s lives. When Zoe was born, and then Abbigail 6 years later, my vow to them was and will continue to be… they will know Jesus, love, and humor!

Growing up, I was told I would not be anything, I was stupid. I went to nursing school in 1992 because God called me to. I stood on His word. I had 3 small children and graduated with honors and received the highest award you can in our nursing school. Because of this award, I was given the stage to speak. I shared my journey and what God had done to get me there.

Those who said I’d never…. God said whatever!!

I would and could do all things through Him!

I met an amazing, Godly man. God has used him and his love to heal my broken heart. He is from the Philippines and practices internal medicine here in Chesapeake. Collectively, either by marriage or love.

As a nurse, I have worked in trauma, critical care, and the ER. Recently, I started in hospice! Whatever area God has me, He calls so He equips!! I use humor in my nursing ministry. Humor has been the element that helped me heal in my life.

I was blessed to train with AMTC in New York in 2017. That experience changed my life forever. I felt strongly God gave me the gift of humor and I will use it for His glory. My heart is for abused kids. I think God will not only use my training in AMTC for my life but as a means to help kids from abuse find their true gifting and heal.

I often say, if God can take my mess and make it a message, He can for you too! Thank you for listening to the Lord. I was blown away by the amazing women in the show and behind the scenes. As I would practice at home, the devil would taunt me and even family (not immediate) laughed at ME being in a fashion show. I would walk away, pray, and say, I am doing this to honor you God and to bless my dear friend Sandra. The voices were silenced. Then practice. I pulled up and saw all these beautiful women. The voices of my past began to taunt me. But, as I walked in and encountered the amazing love, the voices were once again silenced. The night of the program, I was determined that, no matter what, I would shine and glorify my Father and thank Him for making me as He did. Each step was a statement of faith and thankfulness to Him. My little granddaughter was nervous and was afraid at the practice. But I shared with her that she had a gift no one else had. And she would walk in her unique way to glorify God. She looked at me and said, “let’s do this then!” She thought, as all of us do, she had to be perfect like the worlds image… but God sees each of us in our unique beautiful self as a gift to the world. The devil wants to hold us back and have us hide our gift. We defeat Satan when we share the gift of us with this hurting world!

Love you Sandra. Thank you for letting Jesus use you. You are a beautiful gift from God. A true example of “the beauty of His Holiness”!

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Come out of hiding

Stop running to other things to find security. Run to the Father. There will always be the “next thing.” If only I had that hair, that guy, that friend, if only those people stood with me when I needed them most. If only I had “that” then I will finally be secure and fulfilled All these things are temporary: our hair falls out, make-up washes off, breakups happen, friends walk out or betray you and people are fickle. None of these things where made to satisfy us- that’s God’s job. God made our core to be love and GOD IS LOVE. To try and find satisfaction in anything else other than the one person that’s has created our core will never satisfy. We were made to be filled by Him and only Him. Isaiah 40:8 says “The grass withers and the flowers fade but the word of our God remains forever.” and in that Word of our God, there are some sweet, sweet promises that will change your life.

One of my favorite songs is called “Out of Hiding” by Steffany Gretzinger- It says “I loved you before you knew it was love and I saw it all. Still I choose the cross and you were the one that I was thinking of when I rose from the grave. Now rid of the shackles my victory is yours.” He dies so we don’t have to live in lies. He left our insecurities behind on the cross, so it’s time we do too. “Now rid of the shackles. My victory is yours.”

Sweet one- It’s time to claim and live in the victory He died to give us.

Ruthie Coates Ruthie Coates
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It's time to know your worth and act on it.

A guy asked me out to coffee recently. “Cool,” you may think I said in response. After all, I haven’t had a date in 2.5 years. (But who’s counting)

This is the thing…I would’ve loved to have met him for coffee because he was one of the first guys who interested me on this online dating site. I really wanted to go out with him but I waited because I had not heard from him in several weeks. Ehemmm 🗣Where ya been, sir!?

Anyway, he asked me out to coffee after weeks before saying he wanted to take me to a Japanese steakhouse in my area. Oh no, make no mistake. He did not forget that he invited me to the steakhouse weeks before because he even mentioned it over the phone. 🤔 So, days went by with no contact. The ball was in my court so to speak but I never called him with my availability.

Sistas, please hear me out. We are more valuable than a cup of coffee ☕️ vs. a steak 🥩 dinner. Come on now! Somehow I got downgraded to a Starbucks. LOL

We have got to know our worth.

Know your worth, then make your decisions. Don’t make decisions without recognizing and cherishing your worth. You are valuable. You are of great worth. You are loved by an Almighty God who can do exceedingly and abundantly above anything you can ask, think or even imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

If you don’t know your worth, ask your loved ones. Talk to those friends you’ve known for a long time. They know you. Write down those affirmations people have given you over the years. Note what characteristics you love about yourself. And most importantly, read what God says about you in His Word.

There are many more things God has said about you. Everything God made is good – that means you were designed perfectly by a perfect God. He broke the mold when He made you, girl.

You are a woman of great worth. And don’t you forget it!

Vernicia T. Eure Vernicia T. Eure Founder of S.T.E.P. Consulting Group
Creator of Stepping Into Purity and Beyond
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What Is Beauty & How Do You Get It?

My mother was a New York fashion model in the late 1940’s. My daughter is a New York fashion photographer, and I’ve spent my whole life in the beauty business.

I know how to polish “diamonds in the rough,” and I know how to make “plain” people look attractive.

I’ve seen models turn anorexic and almost die. I’ve seen girls who never had a date in high school become covergirls. I’ve seen people with incredible potential go nowhere from a lack of confidence. I’ve seen popular girls enjoy the spotlight… too much.

I also know what it’s like to feel ugly. I was the fat daughter of a beautiful mother. I weighed 290 pounds when I was 16– and eventually peaked at 360 pounds on my 36th birthday.

I know what it’s like to be transformed, by losing 220 pounds and keeping them off for 25 years… through the grace of a God Who helped me, even before I knew His Son.

Here’s the thing about beauty: Everybody’s got it. It’s not fickle, because God’s not fickle. It’s not a certain size, look, weight, hairstyle or outfit. It’s confidence found in Christ. It’s sparkle in your eyes. It’s kindness in your smile. It’s pep in your step.

Yes, polish helps the shine, because beauty can be covered… but the glow is still there, waiting to brighten every place you go.

What I’d like to say to girls reading this post: In God’s Eyes, you’re already a masterpiece. When you begin to see yourself the way God sees you, your own transformation will happen. Your outside will begin to reflect your inside- which reflects Christ. You’ll feel more confident. You’ll radiate.

This isn’t Christian mumbo jumbo. It’s biblical truth, and I offer you some worldly proof. Think about it: You’ve seen girls and ladies others might not call “attractive”, but they’re hanging with the coolest guys. How? They’re confident, and their boyfriends or husbands see them the same way God does.

When you transform your thinking, God will transform both you and your circumstances.

Carey Lewis

Carey Lewis

Carey Lewis is the founder of a world recognized talent development ministry, called Actors, Models & Talent for Christ (AMTC). From 1982-2018, AMTC scouted, coached and launched thousands of performers into film, fashion, music and theatre. Carey has won two Lifetime Achievement Awards for her contributions to the cause of Christ in arts and entertainment. She speaks, counsels and writes daily devotions geared to the media generation, and those called to influence it with light, love and truth. Check her out at or
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Devil is a liar

God, let your voice be the loudest one I hear.

I pray that prayer almost daily, because there are so many conflicting voices that surround and confuse and violate what I know God says about me.

Beautiful soul, if you’re anything like me, you have given in to believing lies about yourself way too many times.

Sometimes these lies are ingrained in us, we are raised to unconsciously believe they are true, whether by cultural or family influences, and it can get so confusing to discern what is true and what is false. Sometimes these lies come direct from the mouths of people. People who mattered to you. People you thought you mattered to. People you trusted. “GOOD” people. People with influence and power. Sometimes these lies play on a loop in your head like a bad pop song. Anyone else? #toxic

I know some of you are nodding your heads in agreement right now with well-meaning judgement and validation, but let me rain on that parade for a sec…

We can so easily blame those that planted those seeds of lies in us, all the negative words and criticism they deposited into us – and it feels better to blame – I know. BUT it’s not their fault. They are human, too. Humans that have chosen to believe their own lies about themselves at one point or another.

Humans that probably don’t even remember most of the words they said to you that you allowed to lay the groundwork for your entire self image.

We don’t get to blame them for feeding us these lies. WE are the ones who made the decision to believe them. We are the ones who made them our truth, who elevated their words above God’s word – even when we have the knowledge of and the access to THE truth of what He says about us.

We are not responsible for what is said to us or about us, but we are completely responsible for what we do with it.

The power isn’t in the words it’s in the soil they fall on. Just like we can’t control the rain, we can’t control the words that are spoken to us, but we can decide if we are going to let them take root, or head straight to Lowe’s for some round up because ain’t nobody got time for those entangling lies of the enemy. Those weeds are deadly.

It’s easy to weed out the obvious voices. The instagram “haters” you don’t even know in real life. That friend who doesn’t live her life in a way that you would ever take advice from her… but it gets so tricky when the lies come from the mouths of those you thought you trusted.

Never confuse the voice of authority or critics with the voice of God. If it brings negativity, self doubt, confusion, insecurity, fear, and shame…. hold it up to the word of God.

It’s one thing if God uses leaders to bring along conviction, but He will never use someone to bring condemnation. My God did not come to shame and belittle, but to SAVE, and REDEEM.

If those words don’t hold up to that standard…


Repeat after me, dear friends:

I am a child of God.
I am loved by Him for nothing more or less than simply being HIS.
My identity is in Him and Him alone.
I do not need to impress.
I do not need to convince.
I am worthy because of the price He paid.
I am whole and complete because I have Christ.
Jesus + nothing = everything.

He has completely redeemed my past and He has plenty of grace for my future.
He knows I am going to mess up again and again, and His love and mercy are not lessened by the knowledge of that.
He knows the hurt I have, and the bitter, hard edges of my heart that still have yet to be softened.
His faithfulness is not based on my perfection, performance, or progress report.
He has already called me, chosen me, and is using me for His glory.
I am anointed, again, not because of my perfection, but because of HIS.
The only thing I need to pursue is Him.
The only thing I need to chase is Him.
The only approval I need comes from Him.
If I keep my eyes and heart on Him and Him alone, He keeps me close.
If I fail, He doesn’t remove His anointing, His protection, His leadership, His faithfulness, or His grace from my life.
He knows my heart, and while He will reveal the areas that need healing and restoration, He will not punish me for being a work in progress. My rough edges do not shock Him. My obedience to God is not the same thing as my obedience to men. And my relationship with God is direct access, no going around loopholes and through others. He wants to spend time with ME. At church, but also in my car and in the Starbucks line. He wants to speak to ME. Through pastors, sure, but also right directly to my heart with His gentle, yet undeniable whisper.

I am not responsible for any one else’s insecurity. I was not born to please everyone. I was not placed on this earth to keep a thousand plates spinning perfectly in order gain everyone’s fleeting approval.
God calls me His own. He chose me. Not like that last-one-picked-in-kickball-again kind of choosing, but a rolling-out-the-red-carpet kind of celebratory choosing.
He looks at me with the joy and pride of a loving father. And there is nothing I can do in my human strength to change that.

God, I have a CHOICE to reject the lies from the enemy and believe your truth, and I know that the truth will set me FREE.
I am who YOU say I am.
Daughter (or son) of the one true king, the only one deserving of all the glory and power and honor and praise.

God, you made me ME for a reason, and I will stop trying to fit into a mold you never shaped me for. I surrender to you, and I believe what you say of me.

I think it’s about time we put more stock in the truth of what He says about us than in the words of the humans who have hurt us.

What lies have you believed or held on to? Is it time to call them out and take away their power? I think so.

Alisha Mitchell

Alisha Mitchell

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Sandra CoatesIʼve always loved fashion. If you know me you know I love thrift stores and hand me downs and can be found quoting, “Donʼt let your clothes rule you.” Call me a rebel, but there is just a thrill of cutting and shaping my wardrobe to fit what looks pretty on me rather than being confined to the rules of how they ‘should be wornʼ.

From the time I can remember I had an eye for it. My mom used to tease me that I was notorious for finding the most expensive item in a store without even trying. Since I was young fashion plates were my jam and keeping an eye on the latest styles and trends was a must for me. I wasnʼt ever the most popular girl. I didnʼt even fit in because I was both extremely tall and overweight, but somehow fashion eased some of that for me. As a young girl one of my favorite events was dressing up in my Nanaʼs fancy tweed skirts, high heels, scarves, and hats. The best part was sitting at her vanity in front of the big oval mirror and opening all the drawers of jewelry box treasures and trying all of them on. As I looked in that mirror at the finished look—my huge clip-on earrings squeezing my earlobes—I remember feeling like a queen. It was magical feeling that free and lovely in this temporary new version of me.

One of the challenges I faced was finding “cool” clothes that fit me. Years back there were not exceptions for my body size or trendy clothing lines for ‘bigger girlsʼ. It was a label I could not escape and led to lots of tears,  anxiety, shame and often wanting to hide at an early age. I had a problem with how my body looked, and it deeply affected how I saw myself. I listened to the culture, and I looked to others for my image. How could I be made in the image of God with a world that didnʼt have a mold for me to fit into? Fashion seemed to help mask the wounded parts and soften the blows of relentless questions about what grade I was really in or why I was so big for my age. Underneath it all, when I really looked at myself in the mirror, I wanted so badly to be someone else. I wanted to be that petite, pretty, confident girl who seemed to feel blissful in her skin and warm the hearts of those around her. At times I felt like I had a ‘diseaseʼ that I just had to live with, and I didnʼt think God cared or could use it for anything good. Good thing I didnʼt know the end.

The questions for all of us become, “What if we dictated fashion as an outward expression of an inward beauty instead of it dictating us? Better yet, what if we could know our unique body type, skin color and style was for a beautiful purpose and live in the comfort of our own skin? What if looking and feeling our best was not only when we got all dressed up or were the ‘perfect sizeʼ but how we felt everyday?”

Many years later, I still love fashion. However, my whole belief system and image of myself is brand new because of a God who was not afraid to walk me thru my shame, insecurity and self loathe. Its a forever dance we play but He never gets tired of me and my whispers of the same doubts. The Bible says “We all with unveiled faces reflect the Lordʼs glory, are being transformed into His image with ever-increasing glory.” (2 Corinthians 3Z18). There is no distinction of color, size, age, beauty, culture or status.

So if there is truly nothing more beautiful than God and we are called to reflect that beauty, then maybe what the world really needs is what we already have. The Truth is we already possess all the beauty and confidence we need. It has been there since the beginning. If we believe that then maybe—just maybe—we can chose to dictate fashion instead of it defining or dictating us.

-Sandra Coates

Sandra Coates

Sandra Coates

Sandra is a RN and works with women in unplanned pregnancies. She is also a pastor’s wife, women’s ministry leader, speaker and model. She is passionate about every woman knowing her God given beauty and living confident and free. Read more about Sandra.
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